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Ep04 Transcript: Interview with Gina Schreck

October 10, 2022

Andrea Vahl: Hey, late starters, I’m your host, Andrea Vahl, and in today’s episode we’re going to talk to Gina Schreck, [about] how she started her co-working space right before the pandemic happened, how they weathered that storm, and now how they’re making amazing plans for expanding that business. And she’ll dive into why you can’t make any assumptions about other people’s success! Listen in!

Intro: Hello Dreamers. Welcome to the Late Starters Club, giving you the inspiration mindset and tools you need to start something midlife and beyond. Remember, it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

Andrea Vahl: All right. Welcome. Welcome everyone to The Late Starters Club. I’m your host, Andrea Vahl. I’m joined by the fabulous, the wonderful Gina Schreck. Yeah. Woo woo,

Gina Schreck: woo woo. I’m so happy to be here.

Andrea Vahl: I am so glad to have you on as one of my early first guest to this podcast. We’ve been connected a long time, and it’s super fun to see all the things that you have done.

So for my listeners who don’t know, Gina, she is amazing. She has been an entrepreneur since 1995, when she was like four and —

Gina Schreck: [laughing] Old lady.

Andrea Vahl: And she launched a marketing and sales training company. In 2008 she launched a digital marketing agency, which she grew to $2.5 million and sold it in 2021, which is so amazing.

And that’s kind of where we connected, everyone was always like, “Oh, you gotta talk to Gina Schreck” “You gotta connect with Gina Schreck”, cuz we were both in that marketing space

Gina Schreck: Right.

Andrea Vahl: I love —

Gina Schreck: and I think we worked together a few times with some of our clients that needed more specific Google things that you were doing and ads and, Yeah.

Andrea Vahl: Yep, exactly.

Gina Schreck: I wish we lived closer and it’s not that we lived so far, but it’s far enough that we don’t get to hang out as much and I would love to get to know you more. So —

Andrea Vahl: I know, and I wish that I could be in your co-working space. So that’s what we’re gonna talk a little bit more about is Gina opened her first co-working space on March 2nd, 2020.

Gina Schreck: No drama there.

Andrea Vahl: Great time to open a coworking space.

Gina Schreck: Let’s all gather!

Andrea Vahl: And she is married. And co-founder of four children and lots of wiener dogs, so that’s so, so awesome. And a few other things. I’m just gonna brag in in a little bit because I love all the lists. You’re on a ton of lists.

Gina Schreck: Yeah. You know how that goes. You get on these.

Andrea Vahl: I know.

Gina Schreck: Yeah, just being around it. When you’re old, you’re around a long time. You get on all these lists,

Andrea Vahl: but you’re on some really impressive lists. You’re on LinkedIn. Top 24 B2B marketers to follow in 2019 and 20. Which is awesome. And a top five global guru in 2020 with some amazing other people. I mean, you’re just like up there, you’re slaying it and I think it’s super fun that you get to work with your daughter.

You’ve got a podcast with her “The Journey”.

Gina Schreck: Yeah. Which is so fun. And I was gone for two weeks and so she interviewed guests. We always have guests. And I’m so proud of her. She’s just, both daughters are such rock stars. Yeah. Very confident. But her, she’s so funny and so smart.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: And so I just, that’s a mom brag, listening to the podcast from the perspective of I’m not there.

You know, talking all the time. And she was just, so I came in and I was just like, that was the best podcast ever. Yeah.

Andrea Vahl: So that is so awesome. I love all that you’ve accomplished. And here at The Late Starters Club, our big mission is just to encourage people who have an idea or have a dream, have something that they wanna start.

!And before we dive into some of the some of the other questions is to know, you started this coworking space and you had a successful agency.

What kind of prompted you to really start that coworking space when you had something great going on, you know, something solid, and then all of a sudden you’re like, Let’s, let’s do something new.

Gina Schreck: And I was 55 when I had this epiphany’s, now’s the time. You know, 10 years earlier I was speaking at a conference in Indianapolis, and it was within this space called Developer Town, and it still exists and it’s basically a co-working, I call it a bro-working because it was all guys.

They were all programmers, they were app developers, SEO, but it was this giant warehouse and within it there were these tiny houses and they were really tough sheds. But they were decorated and it was so cool. And they were riding their bikes down the little streets within the —

And I left there. My brain was just on fire going, Oh my gosh, I need to open one of these when I get back to Denver.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: And I got, you know, you get back and you’re like, “Oh, this is what I’m gonna do.”

My husband was like, “You’re gonna buy a warehouse?”

And I said, “I’m going to, I’m not sure when or where, but I’m going to.”

And I put that on the back burner, and I think that’s a lesson to my myself as I wish I would’ve not kept it on the back burner so long. But I kept it on the back burner because I was busy and our business was doing so well and it wasn’t just in the prime time of social marketing and I just kept thinking about it, kept thinking about it and, and I, to be honest, the digital marketing space I just had been in it too long.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah. So yeah, I joke that social media years are longer.

Gina Schreck: They are very long. They’re longer than dog years. I think they’re like 12 years for every year. And so I was like 187 and so I just thought I can’t be doing this much longer. And it is just a 24 hour a day, seven day a week business to be in.

Andrea Vahl: Mm-hmm.

Gina Schreck: and. You know, you panic if all of a sudden… remember when Google Plus launched? Yeah. And you had to wake up early to get on this list and get, cuz you wanna be first. And I was like, Huh, I’m just over that. And so we were looking for space for our 12 team members at our marketing agency. We were trying to find a space and we were looking at different offices and couldn’t find anything.

And I was like, Wait a minute. That idea I had maybe now’s the time.

Andrea Vahl: Right.

Gina Schreck: And that’s what prompted the whole thing of looking into co-working.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: And. Because I found a building and thought, Oh, maybe we just rent. We have this space and then we rent out all the other offices, and I wanted them to be little houses.

And so that idea just started and I thought, you know what? I’m gonna contact a broker. And I’m, I just started taking baby steps to see, okay, what if I did do that and let me talk to an architect and let me talk to… So I went to a conference, a co-working conference early on before we fully got started and that, Wow.

My eyes were just, Wide open going, Oh, oh, I love this so much. And I came back going, We’re doing it. We’re doing it. Yeah, yeah,

Andrea Vahl: yeah. Ah, I love that. I love that idea of just continue to take little baby steps towards that.

Gina Schreck: Something that seems overwhelming.

Andrea Vahl: Right.

Gina Schreck: Just, just start taking the steps and

Andrea Vahl: Exactly.

Gina Schreck: Pretty soon you’re like, Wow, it’s actually happening. And I’m in that same process again. where I’m taking baby steps to try to raise $4 million because we’re opening a double, we’re doing a double expansion. We’re expanding here.

Andrea Vahl: Wow.

Gina Schreck: Which we can manage that, but with the other one, I need investors because it’s

Andrea Vahl: Right.

Gina Schreck: You know, a $4 million expansion and taking on a space that’s two and a half times the size of this one.

Andrea Vahl: Yep.

Gina Schreck: And all of a sudden I’m in waters that I’ve never been in before going, Wow, I need funding and I need to go out and create pitch decks and things that I hadn’t done before.

But you’re like, You know what?

People do this every day. It can’t be that hard. Yeah, let’s do it.

!Andrea Vahl: Yeah. And the thing that I love, if you had to start there, that would’ve been really overwhelming, but you just kept taking the little steps and doing the little thing and having the success and then, you know… I love. I love that.

Yeah. And that actually leads into our great our great question that I, I love to ask as well. If you had to describe yourself or your life in one sentence, what would that be?

Gina Schreck: Always say yes. I always say yes to things. And sometimes it leads me into trouble. And sometimes it leads to, you know, simple things.

Like I went to this meeting at a local city of Centennial thing and I ended up being on the back of buses everywhere in town right now. And, and I also saw this giant library book mobile, not a book mobile, but it was a big vending machine. And I just walked in, I was like, Oh my gosh, I want one of those in our space, right?

They said, Oh, do you wanna be one of our beta testers? I said, Yes. Yeah, I have no idea what this means, but yes. And now we’re getting all this publicity around, we’re gonna be the first beta tester for this new type of library thing, and that’s awesome. And saying yes, I’m gonna look at warehouse space and yes, I’m going to see how much this is gonna cost and how we’re gonna fund this.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah. .

Gina Schreck: And, and that’s where it did get into dicey waters, you know? Right. And, and going, “Okay, what am I doing?” And there were days I was just like, Oh my gosh, I’m gonna financially ruin my husband and myself, and we’re gonna be Walmart greeters at age 87. So, you know, I’m stitching our names on our vests now . But my motto has always been “Just say yes and see.”

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: Because it usually takes you to somewhere. That is just amazing adventures. And I think that’s my thing is go for the big adventures.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah. That’s awesome. I love that. And I actually was listening to a recent podcast that you and Taylor were on and she said she was kind of the string to your balloon or something.

Gina Schreck: That is very true. Yes.

Andrea Vahl: Need someone to, Someone —

Gina Schreck: Taylor keeps me tethered.

Andrea Vahl: I know

Gina Schreck: and she’s the perfect one because. She’s also adventurous, but she’s very logical.

Andrea Vahl: right

Gina Schreck: My husband would be the one to go, “Give me a pin. I’m popping the balloon. We’re done. We need to get you done. Like, let’s retire and be done.”

And Taylor lets me, you know, kind of go think bigger and keep

Andrea Vahl: right,

Gina Schreck: Keep exploring.

Should we franchise? Should we do this? So, right. Yeah.

I think you have to find the right people, which was interesting when I started. My husband’s very logical and he’s very risk adverse and I, my ideas sometimes are wild and crazy and out there,

Andrea Vahl: right?

Gina Schreck: And I have to surround myself with people who can nurture that idea, right?

While I gather data. Then when I have enough data, I can then go to my husband with all the data. And my idea.

Andrea Vahl: Yep.

Gina Schreck: And he then is like, “Oh, okay. Like she’s thought through this.” It’s not just like, Oh, I’m gonna go do this. And I’ve learned that even with this expansion project, the same thing. I have to have data, I have to have all my financials in order.

It’s like I’m going to my own husband to do a pitch deck, you know? But I think in business we need those people at different points.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

!Gina Schreck: To encourage and fan the flame of an idea. Because sometimes the people that are closest to us might squelch the flame.

Andrea Vahl: I think that that is such a huge lesson because, you know, you, one thing you have done is surround yourself with great people.

Yeah. And you know, you, you know,

Gina Schreck: Totally

Andrea Vahl: Hire the right people. You know, get your team in the right space. But it’s also a big thing to also make sure that you are giving your family or the other decision makers the things they need to also say yes to your idea.

Gina Schreck: Especially when you’re starting a business, that takes a lot of upfront funding,

Andrea Vahl: Right?

Gina Schreck: I can’t just go, you know, if it were up to me, I would just say, “Yes, I’m doing this, I’m taking the money out of our account. We don’t need savings, we don’t need retirement.” So, you know, there are some things you just can’t do. Making decisions like that on your own.

Andrea Vahl: Right.

Gina Schreck: And some you can, but even if you have the full authority to make that decision on your own.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: How I would’ve gotten myself into a lot more trouble than I think, you know, if I were just on my own.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: I think I wouldn’t have been as cautious. And I see businesses that get funding for their very first venture and they spend, you’ll spend every dime you have.

Andrea Vahl: Right?

Gina Schreck: So if I had $4 million when we started this one, I would’ve gone huge.

I would’ve been, and it, I would’ve been in trouble because COVID it, two weeks after we opened, and I would’ve been devastated if I owed money to people. Like we have no debt. We didn’t take out loans, we didn’t do investors, right? So I had no pressure. So, yeah, I think it’s, it’s wise, even if you don’t have a board of directors to surround yourself with some people who can give you encouragement when you need it.

Can help grow your idea with brainstorming and then some people who can say, Okay, let’s shoot some holes on that. And —

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: You know

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: So I was, I was fortunate to have that.

!Andrea Vahl: Right. Yeah, I love that. And let’s talk about some of the obstacles. You know, you mentioned obviously COVID. Your husband was an obstacle and also maybe an aid to getting your thoughts all in line, but how did you deal with COVID right after opening? I mean, that must have been just a huge.

Gina Schreck: so bad.

Andrea Vahl: I mean, outta left field, no one was expecting that.

Yeah. How did you deal with that?

Gina Schreck: Yeah. I mean, March 2nd, we opened our doors like, woo, we’re open!

[On] March 15th. We’re like, Oh my gosh. Are we gonna be able to stay open?  Again, our marketing background helped us because we pre-sold offices before we opened, so we had about 10 of our 30 offices already with people in them on day one. And then we had some other memberships and people coming in before COVID hit.

Andrea Vahl: Right.

Gina Schreck: So it kind of helped us because during COVID, people still wanted to get out of their houses. And they were now saying, “Oh, now my kids are at home, my spouse is also working from home. I need this as my sanctuary.” So we didn’t lose anybody during COVID, people still came in, they closed their doors. We have a lot of private offices.

We had a lot of space for people to spread out. So that [COVID] was an obstacle, but it also was kind of a blessing. We got to know people very intimately and help them with their businesses. We got to be our marketing experts with these people who are in here and slowly over 2020 people kept coming in saying, “I need a space. I need a space.” And then we just rode out that.

But earlier, the whole thing with my husband, it’s not that he was I mean, he was obstacle to my big dream because of his logic. And you know, again, when you’re in your fifties and sixties, you don’t have the luxury of saying –

“Okay, if we totally tank this, we don’t have the time to rebuild wealth.” Is what he kept saying more than one time. But he also is the most supportive person and always has been. And he kept saying, “I’m behind you. I’m supporting this. I’m okay with this.” But then he would say, and this was before COVID, he would say to me, “I want you to know I’m not sleeping well at night. I’m having a hard time. My heart, I’m having heart palpitations.”

Basically he’s saying, You’re gonna give me a heart attack, you’re killing . That’s what he was saying.

And I, at one point, before I signed the final lease on this space and had to put down $217,000 of our money, I literally, that night, I went to bed going, Okay, what am I doing? Like, I’m taking a risk that is so big. Why am I doing this? Why, What is my motive? And I, I went to bed thinking maybe I waited too long. That 10 years I put it on the back burner. I shouldn’t have waited 10 years. I’ve waited too long. I think the ship has sailed. And I, and he was so adamant about, I’m not happy with where we’re going with this and it’s gonna end up costing more and we’re gonna end up putting more money, which we have. And I went to bed that night thinking, Okay, I waited too long, my ship has sailed. And I tossed and turned all night. I woke up in the morning. More determined. And I thought, Oh my gosh, my ship is still in the harbor.

It’s not too late. Yeah. I need to reduce the risk for him. I need to show him that I will make this work. There’s no guarantee. I was totally. Doing like you do to investors or anybody else. You’re saying, here’s what we’re gonna do. But you don’t know that.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: But I was more determined that this will not fail.

Mm-hmm. and it so it was an obstacle because it was one of the most down times when I came in, met with a contractor who’s telling me, Oh, instead of $1.1 million to do the build out, it’s now gonna be $1.7 million. And I’m thinking, where are we gonna come up with that? Like, I’m gonna have to now go and say, Oh, we need to take more money out of our retirement.

So there were days, there were a lot of days like that that I just was like, What am I doing?

Andrea Vahl: Yeah. Yeah.

Gina Schreck: What I just kept feeling like the strong urge that I know this is needed. And I was talking to people, we were doing events already before we started doing the build out to start building the community.

And I kept hearing from people, especially women, we need this, we need a community, we need a place where we belong. And you’re encouraging each other and so I, I just kept feeling I needed to do it.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah. Yeah.

Gina Schreck: It was scary.

Andrea Vahl: I love that. And that’s just so great to really just tune into all of those things that the universe keeps telling you and really, the big thing I think is it’s never too late. Right? It’s never, But that’s a common feeling is that it’s too late.

Gina Schreck: It’s never too late. And I, I just kept feeling that. It’s like, gosh, I literally, I would wake up and say, I feel like I’m just getting started.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah.

Gina Schreck: At 55, and now I’m 59. I’m just getting started.

Even now, I feel like, wow, in the next 10 years, this is going to explode. Like we’re already talking to people about different, you know, I feel like we’re just getting started.

Andrea Vahl: That’s awesome.

So what, you know, kind of talking about like the obstacles and, and the kind of overwhelm that you felt, like, how do you deal with that?

How does that and how are you maybe better equipped to deal with that? Now, later in life versus like twenties and thirties and things like that. What?

Gina Schreck: That’s true. Definitely more equipped now that I’m older because you’ve, you’ve realized, wow, I’ve done a lot of hard things in my life. I mean I’ve had a lot of hard things. From personal things, you know, with my son being at Columbine during the shootings, we went through that whole trauma in four years.

I, you know, younger, I was married, young, had two kids, was a single parent, got remarried. Now I’ve been married 34 years. You know, there’s like, as you get older, you kind of look back and go, All these scars have made me tough.

That has helped. But there were days I would sit in this space that I’m in right now. I would sit in this space. No one else was here. The contractor would leave. I would meet with them. They would tell me what I couldn’t do. They would always tell me what I couldn’t do. You can’t do that cause it’s gonna cost that you can’t do that. Cause we have to dig the whole floor. We can’t.

And I sat here one day and I was just crying. I was just sitting here bawling and all of a sudden the phone rang, which of course I had already had the phone hooked up because I was already pre-selling offices before we started construction.

And. I’m sitting there and my, and the phone rang and you know how women we can like, go from yelling at our kids or crying and to be like, “This is the village. How can I help you?” And this woman asked me. She wanted, She’s looking for a space. She knew we were kid friendly and she said, I need a space that I can come in and work. And this was in January. So again, pre-COVID, this was January, 2020 and we, we weren’t even close to being open. We still had three more months.

And I said, you know, unfortunately we’re, we have a delay with the stuff and we won’t be open until March. And she said, Oh, I’m just so bummed. I don’t know that I can wait that long. But she said, Can I just tell you thank you for thinking of working moms as you’re building a space like this. She goes, This is the kind of space women need.

And I don’t know, all I know is her name was Tatiana, this angel who called that day. While I was in tears, Tatiana, I hung up the phone and I sat there and balled going, Oh my gosh, I think I did a Facebook Live while I was crying after that, because I thought that was the encouragement at that moment that I needed. But usually I have my breakdown moments and then I go into major protective mode of I get on my pod.

I’m a big podcast junkie. I know it’s like there’s a lot of people on you. I’m sure that we listen to motivational things and I love podcasts. Like How I Built This with Guy Ross. Yes. And so good. I, I binge on those kind of podcasts to hear other people who have failed and risen out of that, who have struggled and still made the big success.

And I would go into that mode to pump myself back. And then I put on my big girl pants and I go, Let’s get back to this. It’s gonna happen. Yeah. Got work to do people enough crying. Let’s get going. .

Andrea Vahl: Yeah, it’s great. I definitely feel like that is just such a great way to cleanse and all the, all the energy, everything you need to get, get out and keep —

Gina Schreck: Turn on positive things.

Fill your head and your, you know, fill your mind with positive words, affirmations, podcasts, whatever it is that you need. I need to hear other people telling stories that they went through this tough thing, put thousands of dollars on credit cards and work debt and file bankruptcy lost their house, and now they’ve started Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or something.

Andrea Vahl: Exactly. That’s how it sometimes that’s the journey, right? It’s not, Yeah, that is. It really is. So that’s great. Yeah. So here’s a question that I think is, is always, is interesting cuz it, it, you know, I think at look from the outside looking in, we sometimes have assumptions about other people. So tell me an assumption that lots of people have about you that is wrong.

Gina Schreck: I think people always think I have it all together. I mean, and I think we think that of everybody else. They always say, “Oh, well you have it so easy.” “You have it all together”, like things have been easy for you, or and none of us have it all together all the time. We’re a big fat mess. And then there’s times that we put on our big girl panties and we’re, we’ve got it all together.

And I think people assume that I’ve just had it easy. And, and they say that to me. And I, I work, I work with a lot of women’s groups and things that are I work in the Denver Women’s Prison, for example, for the last three years. I go in and work and do some work in there every, every couple weeks.

And You know, their first assumption is, well, it’s easy for you to say cuz you know, you’re this white woman who has had this life of privilege, which I have, but I’ve also been raised by a welfare mom raised in the, you know, ghetto parts of California, was a single mom myself, you know, had their all kinds of trauma.

So I think people look at others and go, Wow, you have it all together, so that’s why you’re successful. This is why I’m not doing well, is I have all these things challenges, right? I’m a single mom, or I’m going through a divorce or I’m doing this. It’s like, yeah, you know what all of us have that. So I think the assumption we have of other people’s success is that that’s why they have it. Successes. It was easy for them.

Andrea Vahl: Right?

Gina Schreck: And it’s like, no, no. It’s the hardships that we go through that make us successful.

Andrea Vahl: Yeah, that’s that’s great. I love that.

Gina Schreck: And I love, now the women that I work with in the village here, I come in yesterday. Young, sweet, young, 25 year old who’s having major drama in her business.

For me to sit across the table from her as she’s crying. I love that because I’m sitting there going, Girl, this is gonna make you so, so successful. And I love that. Like I feel like Grandmother Willow, I’m the wise old tree now, with the young ones at my feet and tell them

Andrea Vahl: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

That’s awesome.

Gina Schreck: Yeah. I love it.

Andrea Vahl: So let me Get your favorite quote that that inspires you, that kind of brings things all together for you.

Gina Schreck: It’s interesting. I, I heard this somewhere and I have it on a board at home next to my coffee maker, so I could see it every day. And it just says “Amor fati”, and it means love your fate. Oh. And I don’t know why that just. I love that saying so much. Amor fati, like, instead of complaining about our history, our failures, our rough upbringings, whatever, whatever, whatever love your fate because that built you to be perfectly equipped to take you to, you know, It’s prepared you for such a time as this.

Exactly. You know Exactly. As the Bible would say, you know, for such a time as this, you have been prepared. And I love that. And I, I do feel that, I feel like, wow, everything I’ve done, every job I’ve had from my first job at Walgreens to working as a cocktail waitress and a waitress in restaurants to owning a marketing agency.

Every one of those have prepared me for such a time as this. And so, yeah, I think that quote to me inspires me not to look at things that happen as a negative. But to say that’s, that’s preparing me for that next step. And there’s lot more steps

Andrea Vahl: . Yeah. And that is such a great attitude as well.

It’s not, it’s not regretting anything. It’s not, you know, it’s not saying, Why did that happen? It’s. You know, even the hardships have prepared you for where you are now and

Gina Schreck: Right.

Andrea Vahl: I just love all the… And you are opening up, actually, you are opening up a new space coming up, right?

Gina Schreck: Yeah. We’re opening one in Lakewood that’s gonna be 28,000 square feet.

So it’s gonna be giant in Lakewood at Belmar. Which is, you know, people are from Colorado. Yeah. And then here on our space, we’re at 11,000 square feet that we have here. We’re opening an additional 10,000 square feet here. Building that out to add on wellness. So we’re gonna have physicians and you know, a physical therapy and acupuncturists and massage therapists in our wellness centers.

Andrea Vahl: Wow.

Gina Schreck: I’m excited about that.

Andrea Vahl: So great. That sounds great. Just do a little work, get a massage, do a little more work.

Gina Schreck: Exactly, It’s all selfish. I’m doing it purely out of selfish motives of going, I wanna go and have a massage. That’s why we have two nap rooms.

Andrea Vahl: I know. Yeah, right?

Gina Schreck: Yeah. Yeah. It’s all selfish.

Andrea Vahl: That’s awesome. That’s great. That’s great. So where, tell, tell us where people can learn more about you. How they can connect to you. How can they learn more?

Gina Schreck: I used to say follow me on every social media channel. Now I’ve kind of scaled. I’m on LinkedIn, Gina Schreck and I, and I tell people, Listen to our podcast, The Journey with Gina and Taylor.

And I’ve had that podcast for a long time, I think five years. But it used to all be marketing focus and for business. And now we’ve, we still do marketing and business news, but then we incorporate fun elements for entrepreneurs and we feature people in our community and around. So yeah, the journey with Gina and Taylor.

Andrea Vahl: Awesome. That is so great. And for anyone watching live, you’ll get, you’ll see all the links here, wherever they all are, somewhere in the post. So we can, Yeah. So we can get this all connected. But Gina, thank you so, so much for your inspiration, your wisdom around this and for helping other people follow their dreams. So it’s not too late.

Gina Schreck: Never too late. Get started, people.

Andrea Vahl: All right. Thanks, everyone.

Outro: Hope that was helpful, and make sure you grab the free guide Top Tools for Late Starters on the website at and let’s turn dreaming into doing.

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