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Ep104 Transcript: Interview with Suzanne Blons

May 29, 2023

Andrea Vahl: My friend Suzanne Blons is a former model and Revlon Charlie girl turned makeup artist doing the makeup for celebrities such as Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, Larry King, Peyton Manning and More. And now she has recently made a pivot into something new, starting her own YouTube channel as a brand ambassador and influencer helping women over 50 look and feel their best with the beauty shaman.

Let’s tune into today’s episode and find out some of the challenges and fears she had along the way. And yes, we also dive into how she just moved to Ecuador amidst all this change. It’s a great interview. Tune in.

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Hi everyone. It’s Andrew Vahl, your host of The Late Starters Club, and I am here with a good friend of mine, Suzanne Blons, who has an amazing story to share. She is known as the Beauty Shaman, but has had such an amazing life journey.

I knew I had to get her on the show. So happy and excited to have you on Suzanne.

Suzanne Blons: Thank you, Andrea. So great to see you. I’ve missed you so much, and this is just like a shot in the arm to be here with you. Yeah,

Andrea Vahl: I know. There’s there are so many different things to talk about, but let’s just like get.

Let’s just talk about your bio here in a nutshell. So Suzanne is a beauty shaman. She’s a former Revlon charlie girl licensed esthetician. Am I saying that right? No, esthetician. It’s ok. It’s aesthetician. I know, right? Celebrity makeup artist. She’s done. The makeup for a huge host of amazing people and including myself.

Suzanne Blons: Yes. She’s most amazing. The most amazing.

Andrea Vahl: Now, she is an online beauty educator, content and content creator who lives and operates out of Ecuador.

So there is just so much to unpack in this amazing story. I didn’t even know where to start.

So why don’t you, why don’t you start with how you just give us a little backstory of your journey from model as young girl modeling, traveling the world, living overseas and how that evolved for you and where you’re at right now.

Suzanne Blons: Into Ecuador, right? So yeah, it was a professional model for about Oh my god, I don’t know, maybe four years.

I worked for the elite New York, so I lived in New York and then in Paris and then I don’t know where else. London and Italy, and I traveled all over Europe and I was really young. I started when I was 16. And by the time I was like 19, 20, I was just completely, I was really burnt out and I was starving myself as models do, and just really hit a wall.

And it was really more of a wall of identity. What the heck am I doing? This isn’t me. And I would go to jobs and, they’re just, this was the eighties. So they’re very critical and hard on women. They’re still critical and hard on women, but they’re less overt about it.

But this was the eighties, so it’s oh, your, your hips are too big. Okay. Then I’d starve myself more, and, like whatever it was too flat chested, your teeth aren’t straight, like it was. And I think I just, I’m not a thick-skinned person. I’m very thin-skinned and it was just super hard to spray such a young girl to have that.

And I think I just thought, I’m done. I want to do something else. I was traveling around the world, I was making lots of money. I had a contract with Revlon, by all purposes it was like, wow, you’re like living it, you’re living the dream. And I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I just hit that wall and I always think when those kind of endings show up for us that it’s really important to. Stop and say, this is my, I need to look at this. But I was so young, I didn’t even know it was an ending. I was just like, I gotta get out of this shit. It’s bad. So I moved to London and I went back to school and I got a degree in literature.

And decided to move, eventually long I moved back to the United States and really one of the things I loved about being a model, the only thing I really loved about being a model, I didn’t really love it at all, but one of the main things was a, the people, you got to meet some really crazy cool people.

But then the second thing was I loved the collaborative atmosphere, so I decided, oh, I’m going to be a makeup artist. That’s make sense, right? Because I’ve been in front of the camera, I’ll be behind the camera. So I worked for Mac Cosmetics and then trained with the head makeup artist at CNN out of Washington, DC and ended up going behind the camera at CNN and Fox and MSNBC and just loved it.

It was, I love life television. I still love life television. I love working with talent. So I did that for, oh gosh, I started that in my early thirties, and I went until, until this move to Ecuador. I worked with talent as a professional makeup artist. So how I got to Ecuador from A to B was while I was in Boulder where we know each other.

I have two daughters. I have a now 22 Rachel’s 22. So insane. And then Riley, my youngest daughter is she’s now almost 20, she’ll be 20 in a month. And she lives in London studying fashion marketing. Rachel’s still in Denver studying biology. Anyway, I had these two kids and I thought, okay, they’re going to leave home soon.

Like I, this was about five years out and I thought and you’re almost an empty nester, Andrea, so you understand this. But I thought, what am I going to do with myself? I don’t want to keep doing makeup, like I want to do something else. And I loved living abroad. I loved the international experience.

I lived abroad for a total of 15 years, in my life before now. And I just loved it. And I love languages and I love the challenge of it. And I love being the weird I’m very much an outsider, so I love that experience of wow. I’m like, totally, I am not. Here, like a Latino, I’m like 10 feet tall.

I’m not 10 feet tall, but I’m way taller than like 99% of the people in the country. And I thought, where can I go? What can I do and how can I get there? And so that’s the why of starting the online business. And so I started an e-commerce store and started doing some coaching and started doing a YouTube channel and affiliates and kind of started that process and was really coming from an extremely clueless, I had no idea. I’m not really a business person. Obviously now I am like I’m learning that. But I’m an artist, I’m a creative, and I think that process took a while of learning the ropes.

What does this look like? And I still have a business coach, I’m still working at it, but I was able to build the business to the point that I did this move and I did this move last year in August. I came out here. So that’s how I got here. And so now I’m doing, I do some professional work.

Not a lot here. It’s a completely different atmosphere in market. And totally. But but I do it, everything’s online for me now, so it was a big talk about late starters, right? To completely start a new business with two kids in college like

Andrea Vahl: you had to learn not only technology and marketing. And, just the flow of everything in common, all the backend stuff that are so challenging. And I think that is a challenging thing as a creative too. Because you’re used to, just creating and now it’s all about YouTube views and like how do we go live on something and…

Suzanne Blons: Yes. It’s huge. And that’s a huge issue. I know we’ll get to it, but one of the big questions is what do you do with overwhelm? And I think the, and burnout. And coming here, I don’t want to jump ahead too much, but coming here was I was so excited to come here and start over and learn Spanish and, I’m like, I’m one of these that jumps off the cliff and on the way down goes.

Wow, that was a big jump. Woo. And like halfway down the cliff, I realized, wow, I am not used to sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours a day, eight hours a day. And, I would shoot content and then, I was using an editor. Then I started doing it myself.

It’s my, because of the income drop, right? I had two incomes and so suddenly it was just the one income. So I had to really maximize my profits, basically. But having said that, it was a big. A big leap. And one of the struggles as a creative was I simply cannot be on the computer for 10 hours a day.

I simply can’t do it. So how do I manage this type of an issue? That’s still a work in progress is navigating the waters of staring at a computer all day.

Andrea Vahl: So let’s talk about, one of the things we were talking about before we went live here was, or went recorded here. The question about. The finances and stuff like that. We have so much to get into. I know but…

I think for you that was a big reason for moving to Ecuador as well. It was a very, it’s a very affordable location. You were talking about how much everything has been much more affordable.

You, you, and you can live on much less there, which is awesome and probably gives you a much better quality of life in some ways, although you’ve had to lean into maybe more of the computer work in a different way. But talk about that decision and how that’s impacted your business.

Suzanne Blons: So I think the, that is a huge issue is the financial and the budgeting part of it. And I think it was, I had the benefit and detriment of COVID hitting. So COVID hit and I moved my kids. One was an adult, one was almost an adult. I moved them in with their dad. Which he loved.

He was so happy about that. We’re divorced and we get on fine. It’s all good. So I moved them in and I moved in with a friend of mine who we both know, and what that did for me was it was terrifying, right? That all of that experience was terrifying at the time. But the benefit of that is once business picked back up, I had cut my expenses down to such a huge degree living with Mandy that I was able to start putting money away to a much greater degree than, if I had stayed in the apartment because the rents are like terrible now in Boulder. It’s, like it’s, and then it was bad and now it’s even worse. So it was very hard to put money away. I think many people really understand that.

So I think part of, the how to financially budget this, I basically moved into my friend’s basement, which I don’t recommend a little rough, but she’s lovely and the place was nice and it was all good. But I think, I just gutted it out basically for almost two years, right?

To be able to stock money away. And if, at times I would get discouraged to think, okay, I’m 57 and the time it was what, 55, 56? And it’s I’m. I’m in a basement and I’m saving money to move overseas. Have I, am I snorting crack? What are you doing? And the times where I had to mentally check myself like, is this really what you want?

Like what do you, and I had this vision in my head of, and this is the big why, I think that as older women it’s, what do I really want? As women, I think we get older and we feel like I need to be X and I need to provide, Especially I have children, I have to have a certain, income.

And so we get trapped into responsibilities. And a lot of times it’s great. Like it’s great hearted. I look at my own life and I think, I really, I, as a single mother, I was a single mother for, they were like five and seven or something when I became a single mother and I did it right.

I did it. I had full custody. I absolutely did that. And I think, I got to the point where it’s like, Am I going to live my life to help my kids? Or am I going to live my life for what I really want to do? And I, as a mom, you put what you really want to do in a box to a certain level, right?

And you have to, and that’s fine. That’s wonderful. It’s a gift of being a mother. But on the other hand, I hit the wall of, I. I want to do what I want to do. I’m really, I’m burnt out. And so I think the the financial aspect was, I think it was terrifying. I’m really taking a leap. I hope I can, it looked like on paper that my business was making enough to support me out here and I was able to save, an amount that I felt good about.

And that’s so individual. You can’t tell anybody how much that’s going to be. I saved X amount and I. When I got here, I thought, I’m good. I’m totally good, but then the economy changes and I’m there. We’ll get to this, but I had my oh shit moment while I was here. So I think these kind of moves as you get as older women are.

They’re hard. They’re hard. And I, and

Andrea Vahl: yeah, it’s such a, you have to trust the universe that it’s all going to work out. And you had, it’s great that you had, in a way, COVID was a gift for you. In forcing you to change your business model and then see you could do it sock some money away and really keep that why out in front of you.

So that’s amazing. That’s, I love that. And I want to, before we get into some of the Oh shit moments, I want to I want to talk about your mission because that is something I love and I think that we’re so aligned with and I love your approach to helping women, older women feel good about themselves and realize all the marketing messages that are out there that are teaching us that wrinkles are bad and all that stuff. So talk a little bit about your mission as a beauty shaman for older women.

Suzanne Blons: I really hate that messaging and I think I grew to loathe it because I was working with some brilliant older women going on camera. I was the head makeup artist at Gaia TV for 10 years.

And we’d have women come in that had written books that were, just doing incredible things in their life. Going on camera, talking about healing or whatever it was a lot of spirituality, esoteric spirituality. I thought these people are incredible. And they would sit in my chair and just be terrified because of their age, is this going to show, is that going to show? Like they really it would get and I would watch this and I thought, this is so unfair, this is so wrong. because the men would come in with pop bellies looking like crap and not care one bit, right? And then be treated like kings, right? And the women there would be behind the scenes comments.

And I noticed this more when I worked in live television like CNN and Fox, they would say, oh she’s fat. Or you know her, she’s got no, she looks old. We can’t use her. She’s old. Like they would be blatant. And I was standing there I’m standing right here. Do you realize, and you couldn’t say anything then, right?

And now, and when I was with Gaia, people were pretty good. Like they all understood, like that’s just not appropriate. Although now and again, Things would fly out. So I’m coming from a place of, I really hate that. And I want to provide a different message of, you are, you’re just loving your body.

Owning, owning, taking care of yourself, looking in the mirror, telling yourself positive things and still learning the tricks of the trade. It’s like a dual thing where, you know, and I think it’s like this in business, like half of it is your mentality is how you’re operating and you’re confidence, your faith, what you’re believing in, you’re messaging, that kind of thing. And then the other half is business sense. And that’s how I feel about the beauty industry is, if you can look at it like I want to take great care of myself, I want to think positively about myself, I’m going to own it.

Which people don’t argue with a woman who owns it. It’s when we have that insecurity that, that sort of. Oh, I look bad and, oh, I’m not quite everything I need to be, and honestly, I, even though I coach women on this, I still struggle with it. I’ll look in the mirror and go, God, I think you’ve gained a couple pounds and and then I’ll stop myself and go, Who cares. Like really? It’s hard. So I think that’s where that all stems from. And, I just, I’ve grown to just love aging and love older women and love the power that they bring. And it’s almost like taking that negativity that we’re inundated with and putting it to the side and having a, having that.

That’s Spark, right? And it’s the spark. I think that we can do anything. We can do it.

Andrea Vahl: I love that too because I think it’s hard to quiet that voice in our mind. We get these marketing messages and some of the commercials just make me so mad Ooh, ooh, I’ve got a freckle.

Oh, that’s disgusting. Let’s cover that all up. And it’s just what? Why can’t we just be beautiful in who we are? And just not not worry as much as what our skin is doing. And of course you would like, it’s this double edge edged thing. You want to take care of yourself, but you also want to feel good.

Yes. From an inner place, inner place. Awesome. Yeah, and we’ll have links to Suzanne’s YouTube channel, all kinds of stuff. She gives great advice about just making you look as good as you. W want to look in the, choose to look in.

Suzanne Blons: Choose to look. Yes. And I also don’t, this is an important point.

I can’t believe I left this out, but I don’t use any injectables or plastic surgery, and that’s part of my platform is, this is a choice. If you want to do that’s fine. I am actually, most of the talent I work with, probably 95%, did it, and that’s fine. But I guess along with my messaging is with loving who you are is embracing aging.

And I think for me it felt like a double standard. Like I, I personally can’t do that. But that doesn’t mean somebody else can’t. So I don’t have judgment around it in that sense. But I want, I would love to help change society to say it’s a choice and you’re beautiful no matter what. So this, that’s part of my whole messaging.

Andrea Vahl: I love that. That’s awesome. So let’s talk about the fact that you have moved, you’ve moved internationally, you had some overwhelm with that. You had some “oh shit!” Moments, and then some clarity and messages. That really helps. So yeah, tell us about some of that.

Suzanne Blons: I actually love it here. I loved it here the minute I got here. I didn’t have transition as far as the place. This is the first third world I’ve ever lived in. I’ve lived in, I lived in Singapore for five years when I was married. And, that was at that point a second world. Now it’s a first world but this is my first third world experience. I’ve been to third worlds. I’ve been to India, I’ve been Indonesia, I’ve been around, but I haven’t, I’ve been around. I’ve been around, but I was wondering what would this be like? because you do see poverty, you do see, a lot of helplessness and that sort of thing.

But I didn’t have any transition with that. I was like, totally fine with it. I think the transition the oh shit moment for me was, getting here and it actually went phenomenally well. I was, had, sales and marketing and everything was really like going great.

And then, mid-January hit and the, everyone started talking about recession and the economy and I noticed that my sales took a dip even though I was doing the same things, right? And it really Yeah, that was a, that was really tough and I, then started working harder, which is such my reaction to life.

I’ll just work harder, right? I’m a doer, right? So I was like, I’m going to do more and I’ll just publish more and I’ll Okay, we’ll do targeted keywords more and like more. And it wasn’t having an impact and I think it was probably early March I did my budget and went.

Oh, this, oh shit. It’s not working and I don’t know why it’s not working, and I can’t, what am I going to do? So I really went through a real wow, did I make a mistake? Was this a bad decision? Should I have kept my other business? And I didn’t budget for this at all.

And so my part of this, so my solution for the oh shit moment was who do I need to talk to? I’m sure you’re probably like this, I’m a doer, right? So who can I get help from? And so I went through all my people. I couldn’t figure out who to talk to to get help.

And so the, I finally landed on a woman who I actually knew from Gaia tv. She had come on several times and we have a mutual best friend. So we actually had become friends, but I had used her services a few times. Because she’s an expert in dowsing or pendulum. So pendulum, for those of you who don’t know, it’s basically asking questions.

And then the pendulum gives you percentages or there’s another word, not percentage probabilities. So it gives you percentages or probabilities on this that happening or that being accurate or, and you have to learn how to ask questions. It’s all about. What to ask, how to ask, how to get the right answer.

It does take some work to figure this out. So I had hired her a few times to work with me on this because I just loved it. I thought it was such a great thing to use. And so I hired her to do a session with me and I’d basically told her, look I’m hitting burnout and I’m hitting overwhelm.

And I, I don’t know which direction to go. Everything I’m doing isn’t working. I don’t feel like this is a business coach question. I feel like this is a me problem. Like I’m. I’m hitting I’ve come to the, to this place and I gotta get out of this place. I don’t know how to. So she did a whole session, and to make a very long story short, she came to the conclusion that I was blocking my own good and my own abundance through my, I have an allergy, had an allergy to calm.

To calm. And in Spanish they call it tranquilo. And she said, because I grew up in a my my growing up period was very unstable. And so I internalized this. I have to hold, I have to like, stay. I’m the one that has to hold everything together and living like a constant state of anxiety and preparedness.

It’s like when’s it all going to drop? And and I’ve never changed that. That’s, and I’ve known that. But I, it’s like how do you change this deeply rooted thing that you is almost ingrained in your DNA because it’s been from childhood and it was really affecting my life because it’s like I couldn’t snap myself out of it.

And like I was having a hard time sleeping and eating and like it really got to me. So anyway, she said I’m going to do a clearing on you. And I was like, brilliant. Do a clearing. So she cleared me. Using the pendulum. And this is, she would’ve to do this, I don’t think, I don’t know how much you can clear yourself, like this is, that’s beyond my skillset.

So she cleared me and I was like, great. And she said, just everything’s going to turn around. Like just, it’s going to be fine. You just gotta call, you gotta be okay with being calm, right? So my sentence was, it is safe to be calm. And of course little Susie then pops up and says, it is not safe to be calm.

You never know because that was my DNA, right? That’s what I’m programmed with. So I had to get rid of that programming so promptly woke up the next day with the worst case of flu. I have not had the flu. I. Probably since I was like in my twenties, like literally I’ve, I never get, I’m super healthy.

With the flu, like a temperature, body aches. Diarrhea, like sorry, TMI, but like running to the toilet and I had that thing for five days and so I text her immediately. I’m like, I got the flu. She goes, yeah, that’s your body letting go. And I believe that I’ve had that happen before. I thought I was going to vomit.

Most of the time. I was like going to the toilet is it coming up now? That’s how intense this was I’m not being facetious. It was actually very intense. So at the end of five days I started to feel better and then I probably got food poisoning two days later. So I was sick with food poisoning.

But in any case, very fun. It’s been fun. But the good thing is the, I’m calm. Like I can tell DNA wise, I am. I’m at a completely different place. And within about a week and a half, I started to have things come through oh, hey, would you shoot this and we’ll pay you X and would you do this?

And like all of a sudden things started to loosen up. And I thought, oh, okay, we’re on the right track. And suddenly, here I am, may and all of a sudden I’m having a good month. And I had, I’ve lost money for the last three months. I was like, I’m out. I gotta go back, I gotta get a job. I was freaked out.

And that went from doing, I was doing very well. So I’m just saying, I think the great thing I’ve learned, one of the great things I’ve learned is get help. Figure it out. And that’s I think being a business owner is, it’s about you. It’s about you working on yourself constantly.

You can’t blame anybody else. It’s you, it boils down to you.

Andrea Vahl: And I love that you used different. A different modality for that, like something you had never tried before and yes. It’s woowoo and you’re a woowoo person. I’m definitely, I’m a woowoo as well, not as woow as you but it is about let’s just be open and let’s.

Learn something about this lesson that we are being served and we’re constantly learning about ourselves. And I think what I love about this time of life is that we are discovering things in whole new ways and being open to receiving that message from the universe and working through it and not.

Forcing against it. Yeah, so I love that. I love that. It is, I definitely am a huge believer in energy blocks and things. Yes. The flow of things. And it has to be in alignment for things to flow to us, and we have to be, I think ready to learn that lesson. So yes.

Suzanne Blons: Absolutely.

Absolutely. Awesome.

Andrea Vahl: Awesome. Let’s see, what else haven’t we covered? I feel like there’s so much Oh let’s talk about just your view on aging as you’ve gotten to this point in life. And I know for sure you’re, it’s changed since you’re talking about serving that, that population, the middle-aged population, but how has it changed for you and what you are about?

Suzanne Blons: I think coming out here for me was a huge a huge boost to, okay, I’m 57 years old. I’m doing a complete life change. I’m doing a business change, I’m learning a language. I’m, I’m like, I’ve just jumped off this cliff and what it’s done is it’s shown me.

How much I have to give to the world. And I think what’s interesting is I think as you get older, it’s almost like you, either you jump into this new phase in your life, a new area, or you allow it to go, you feel that pressure to just go down, right? Okay, when is retirement, how much, you start thinking those kind of thoughts as opposed to, wow, what am I here to do in this phase of my life?

And I think that it’s changed me a lot when it comes to me getting older and how, what I’m capable of and, now I’ve got all these goals and dreams and retirement doesn’t even come into it for me. I’m like, okay, I want to do what I’m doing right now until I, I end right until the end.

I just feel like I could do makeup and really promote aging and promote self-care and promote these kinds of things. Forever and I love it. And what a wonderful feeling, rather than Okay, I like, I’ve heard so many women, I hate my job, I really want to do this other thing, but I have kids, but I have, and I understand all of that.

I’m a hyper responsible person, so it’s. Me coming out here with my kids, I had one daughter who was like, yeah, mom, go I’m with you. Just fly me out there and let’s go eat some Ecuadorian food. Like woo. And my other daughter stopped talking to me for about three months because she was so angry.

That I actually did it, even though she knew I was going to do it for years. But I understand, I think it was just different reactions to it. And I think part of my lessons learned is you’re never going to get full permission from everybody. It’s never going to happen. You just have to do, you have to feel into it.

And so much of this has to do with woowoo of, what feels the lightest to me? And interestingly, coming out here and doing all of this felt so light and so lovely and beautiful. And one of the interesting things is, I just want to share this, is I had a vision of what I wanted and it was, I would live in a house with, I have a list, right?

Live in a house with lots of light, because I love sunlight. A house that had had a garden, but I didn’t have to tend the garden. And I had dogs, but I didn’t have to take care of the dogs. And it was nearby a park because I’m a runner and I love to run. So I could go to the park when I wanted.

And there’s a. A canal nearby or a river or something, some form of water nearby. And there’s cobblestone streets and I see myself walking down these cobblestone streets and I see the rain cause I love rain. And I really, that was my vision and I’ve had this even before I decided on Ecuador.

Once I got here, what I realized is I’m living, I’m exactly. There. I’m five minutes from the park. I go running every day in the park. It’s a one of the best, it’s the best bird park in all of Ecuador. So you see birds like crazy, colorful birds. It’s incredible. And then there’s a huge it’s a river, basically.

Near me. I hear it. It’s incredible. There’s cobblestone streets everywhere because I’m in Cuenca. Which is originally built by the Spanish. It’s all cobblestone. It’s incredible. You walk around, you’re like, this is European, basically. And I think, wow, that’s incredible.

If you can envision it, it can come true. And I think it’s plugging into that emotional vision. And I, because for me it carried an enormous amount of emotion to it. And now I’ve got another vision because I’m here. So it’s like I’ve had to recreate another one. But I think it’s older women not feeling like it’s over, we’re done.

We have so much to give and I think the media and this industry just says, they want, it’s like a silencing of women. Not to be too weird about it, but I really feel like it’s oh no, you’re, you need to be over here in this box and cook for your grandkids, right? Which is fine.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m just saying, what are you here? What else are you here to do? And not looking at this as an ending. So that’s how it’s improved. My view of aging is, oh my God, we’re so capable. We got so much to give.

Andrea Vahl: I love that. And I love how your vision has come true to such perfection.

It’s amazing. And I think that yeah, tying it, tying to it emotionally is a huge pull to the end, sign to the universe that says, okay, boom. Let’s go and I can’t wait to come visit you.

Suzanne Blons: I know you’re going to come, you’re going to, you’ll be like, oh my God, I’m moving here.

Andrea Vahl: So this has been awesome. It has been so great catching up with you and I just want to wrap up with my favorite Thing that I love to ask every guest, which is a quote or inspirational saying that inspires you and love to have you share that.

Suzanne Blons: So my favorite quote since I came out here, I actually have it next to my computer on a little sticky note cause I’m like, sticky note girl. It’s how good can it get? So it’s, I’ll be in a, like if I get down, I’ll think, wait a minute, how good can it get? And it just takes you to another place. And the book I got it from is this one, it’s called Reality Shifters Guide to High Energy Money.

This was a guest on one of the shows I worked on. Cynthia Sue Larson wrote this. Yeah, and that’s her quote. Throughout the book is how good can it get? If you can imagine it, you can create it. So go there. So I, I do that all the time. Is how good can it get? Oh my gosh. It can get even better.

And allowing that, I think sometimes we have a resistance to goodness. We don’t feel worthy, we don’t feel like we deserve it. That’s been a big thing for me to overcome is I just actually just deserve, and not in an entitled way, but in Yeah I’ve paid my dues in life like I deserve, so how good can it get?

Andrea Vahl: I love that quote because it works both when you’re down and when things are going right for you. Absolutely. You can, there can be more, you can say

Suzanne Blons: more extension. Absolutely.

Andrea Vahl: I love that. So well, Suzanne, this has been amazing. It’s been so great to catch up with you and just share where people can find you.

Suzanne Blons: Yes, you can find me on my website at, and it’s SHAMAN. And then I’m also on YouTube at the Beauty Shaman Instagram, the Beauty Shaman, TikTok, everything’s the Beauty Shaman. So if you want some educational videos for mature skin, the YouTube channel is definitely great. And then I have a store on my, my website as well.

Andrea Vahl: Awesome. And we’ll have all those links in the show notes. So thank you Suzanne, and thanks for sharing your wisdom with us here. And Bye everyone.

Suzanne Blons: Bye.

Andrea Vahl: Hope that was helpful and make sure you grab the free guide Top Tools for Late Starters on the website at and let’s turn dreaming into doing.

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